Haitian migrants living abroad generally maintain strong ties with their country of origin and contribute significantly to its economic development. Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in June 2018 with the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), IOM Haiti and MHAVE work closely and consult on all issues of common interest related to migration and the diaspora. 

MHAVE expressed its need to obtain a mapping of the diaspora in order to develop mechanisms to constructively include the latter in national development plans. IOM Haiti will develop pilot mapping of Haitian professionals living in Canada with the objective of creating a better understanding of the characteristics of the diaspora and to promote the engagement of the Haitian population abroad by identifying their skills, their needs, their challenges, and the opportunities for engagement. This will help shape a more strategic and mutually beneficial relationship between Haiti and the diaspora and strengthen the government’s ability to engage the diaspora more effectively and sustainably. 

Since 2018, IOM Haiti has been working with its office in Washington and related Haitian diaspora groups. In response to the earthquake in 2021, IOM Haiti coordinated and led a consultation between the Haitian government and more than 50 Haitian diaspora associations in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Europe. IOM also facilitated the creation of a partnership between a diaspora organization (HRA) and the Digicel Foundation to help rebuild schools damaged by the earthquake and supported a diaspora association to rehabilitate 12 houses.