To contribute to safer, orderly and regular migration, IOM provides administrative support to facilitate visa application procedures upon official request from governments.  

In Haiti, IOM currently provides visa support for Haitian nationals wishing to migrate to Brazil through two programs: the Family Reunification Visa Program (VITEM XI) for specific family members of a Haitian national already living in Brazil and the humanitarian visa program (VITEM III) for Haitians who have found work in Brazil. The objective of the two programs is to strengthen regular migration channels, improve information among potential candidates and ensure better protection for migrants. While Brazilian consular authorities remain solely responsible for granting visas to Brazil, the IOM Assistance Center (Brazilian Visa Application Center, CAVB) facilitates the visa application process by preparing the files and the necessary documentation. 

The center offers a secure process for booking appointments and managing requests by giving the possibility to book appointments online or with the help of center staff through an email service and publishes information through the center’s website. Center staff help applicants fill out the forms and review their documents for accuracy of information and required profile before the application is forwarded to the Brazilian Consulate for analysis and consideration. The center also digitizes requests and transmits them online. Once the file has been examined by the consular team, the staff of the center collects the visas as well as the files by secure means and sends them to the candidates. Those who have not received a favorable decision are informed and the documentation is given to them. 

All appointments are currently booked. New slots will be available soon. 

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The Brazilian Visa Application Centre would like to inform the public VITEM XI request has been given priority since the beginning of this year. Requests can be sent to

More information is available in the following flyer in French and Creole