Situation Report: Hurricane Sandy Affects Haiti

Haiti - As hurricane Sandy passed through the Caribbean, causing flooding and deaths, IOM Haiti carried out preventative operations in support of the government's civil protection agency (DPC) and the Haitian Red Cross:

    IOM helped evacuate 1,101 individuals from 11 high-risk camps to 6 evacuation shelters in the capital, Port-au-Prince.
    Protection Teams were present in all 12 camps targeted for evacuation and provided referrals when necessary with local authorities. The largest group requiring protection identified consists of single female heads of households and children.
    Some 343 vulnerable health cases have been identified principally comprised of pregnant and lactating mothers, children under 5 years, elderly persons, and handicapped individuals (in said order).
    Sensitization campaigns have occurred in 176 camps, including all 12 camps targeted for evacuation, covering 55 per cent of the IDP (internally displaced persons) camp population.
    A total of 12 camps are targeted for evacuation of approximately 1,252 acutely vulnerable persons, who were pre-identified for relocation to the evacuation shelters.
    Two evacuation shelters are due to host the 5,000 highly vulnerable IDPs and their families.