Communication Tools

Behavior change cannot simply be accomplished through a one-way flow of “key messages”. In order for individuals to make informed decisions to protect the safety and security of themselves, their families and/or their communities, they must be well informed.  IOM’s two-way communications tools seek to assist project beneficiaries in making informed decisions and map beneficiaries reached through these innovative communications tools while measuring message comprehension. Programs and publications are constantly reviewed and revised based on baseline studies and continuous assessment of the efficacy of messaging.

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  Since its initial launch in 2010, Chimen Lakay has become Haiti’s largest circulation newspaper in Creole. Presented in the form of a colorful comic strip adventure story, the newspaper offers advice in an accessible form on subjects such as hurricane preparedness, cholera prevention domestic violence and child protection.   Radio Tap Tap is an entertaining radio program that is played on several local and community radio stations in Haiti as well as the MINUSTAH FM network.