IOM Aids Recovery Effort In Earthquake Ravaged Port Au Prince Through Comic Relief

IOM has produced a situation comedy, Sitcom, called Tap Tap, a common name for public transport in Haiti, to bring comic relief to the Haitian people,  many of whom are still living in camps and earthquake-ravaged communities two years since disaster struck the country.

IOM's Earthquake Response Creates Skills and Jobs to Drive the Recovery in Haiti

Two years after the earthquake devastated Haiti, the International Organization for Migration is helping the Government of Haiti reduce the remaining population in tent cities, while laying the foundation for jobs-led economic growth to rebuild the country.

Urgent Needs Remain to End the Displacement Crisis in Haiti

Haiti - Newly published reports on the number of displaced persons remaining in camps, the Shelter and Camp Coordination Management Cluster factsheet and other data, produced by IOM Haiti and its partners, provide detailed demographic information about the almost 360,000 Haitians still living in 496 sites throughout the country, as well as details on the needs to end the on-going displacement crisis.

New funding received to relocate internally displaced Haitians living in camps since the 2010 earthquake

Haiti - IOM Haiti this week received UKL 4.8 million in new funding from the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) that will allow the safe and dignified return and relocation of 5,164 internally displaced households (some 17,505 displaced individuals) from 20 camps in the Port-au-Prince area.

IOM Director General Visits Haiti

IOM Director General, Ambassador William Lacy Swing, arrives in Haiti today for a three-day official visit during which he will meet with high-level Government officials, donors, partners and Haitians who have contributed to and benefited from IOM initiatives.

ECHO backs IOM effort to end Haiti earthquake camps, re-house victims

Three years after Haiti’s catastrophic 2010 earthquake, some 87,750 families are still living in 450 makeshift, insanitary and often dangerous camps scattered throughout the country.

Irregular migrants risk lives leaving Haiti’s north-western coast by sea

IOM Haiti has received additional funding of US$100,000 from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), to continue a programme that began in 2009 aimed at discouraging dangerous irregular migration from Haiti’s North-Western coast.

Tropical Storm Chantal Tests Hurricane Preparedness in Haiti , Highlights Need to End Displacement

Tropical Storm Chantal, now dissipated, provided the Government of Haiti, IOM and  partners the opportunity to test life-saving preparations for the upcoming Caribbean hurricane season.

Haiti Earthquake Victims Remain in Camps 3.5 Years On

IOM has released its latest quarterly Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) for Haiti three and a half years after the devastating earthquake that struck the island in 2010.

Haiti prepares for hurricane season

With the 2013 hurricane season officially starting tomorrow (1/6) and already predicted to be “active or extremely active,” IOM Haiti is preparing its emergency response by stockpiling non-food items, including water purification tablets and other supplies to combat waterborne diseases.