IOM Figures Show Dramatic Fall in Numbers Living in Haiti Camps

The number of people living in displacement camps in and around Haiti's capital Port au Prince has declined by 14 per cent to an estimated 421,000 since February, according to figures collected by IOM. This is the steepest decline in the camp population since early last year.

IOM Delivers Shelter to Haiti Families Hit by Heavy Rains

IOM has delivered replacement tarps and new tents to families inundated by recent rains in Haiti and is continuing its efforts to minimize flooding in camps occupied by earthquake victims since 2010.

UN Backs Lifesaving IOM Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Projects in Haiti as Rains Begin

The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated USD 1 million from its "underfunded emergency" reserve to lifesaving IOM water, sanitation and hygiene projects to combat waterborne diseases at the start of Haiti's wet season.

Optimism Grows as Total Camp Population in Haiti Falls Below Half Million

The total number of Haitians still living in tents and shelters is now less than 500,000 – about one third of the population initially displaced by the earthquake of 2010.

First Wave of Families Leaves Haiti's Champ de Mars with IOM Help

IOM this week helped a first wave of families move permanently from the shelters and tents they have lived in for the past two years, directly in front of Haiti's ruined National Palace.

Haitians Prepare for Next Hurricane Season

Months before the first storms of the hurricane season are likely to strike the shores of Hispaniola, IOM and the government have published Haiti's first policy guidelines on the use and functioning of evacuation shelters.

Haiti Camp Closures Contingent on Funding Shelter Alternatives: IOM

The closure of camps in post-earthquake affected Haiti is picking up tempo as more and more families find alternative accommodation and are helped to return to their communities.

IOM Aids Recovery Effort In Earthquake Ravaged Port Au Prince Through Comic Relief

IOM has produced a situation comedy, Sitcom, called Tap Tap, a common name for public transport in Haiti, to bring comic relief to the Haitian people,  many of whom are still living in camps and earthquake-ravaged communities two years since disaster struck the country.

IOM's Earthquake Response Creates Skills and Jobs to Drive the Recovery in Haiti

Two years after the earthquake devastated Haiti, the International Organization for Migration is helping the Government of Haiti reduce the remaining population in tent cities, while laying the foundation for jobs-led economic growth to rebuild the country.

Urgent Needs Remain to End the Displacement Crisis in Haiti

Haiti - Newly published reports on the number of displaced persons remaining in camps, the Shelter and Camp Coordination Management Cluster factsheet and other data, produced by IOM Haiti and its partners, provide detailed demographic information about the almost 360,000 Haitians still living in 496 sites throughout the country, as well as details on the needs to end the on-going displacement crisis.