Video Highlights Dangers of Irregular Migration by Sea from Haiti

IOM has produced a video to raise awareness about the dangers of irregular migration by sea from Haiti. The documentary features a series of direct testimonials from Port-de-Paix and Tortuga Island residents who attempted the perilous crossings.

IOM Delivers Non-Food Relief to Victims of Heavy Rains in Northern Haiti

In response to the severe flooding that hit northern Haiti last week, causing five deaths and displacing 6,000 people, IOM, in support of the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC), delivered four truckloads of non-food relief items (NFI) to help affected families in the north and northeast of the country.

IOM Will Help Government of Haiti to Develop Migration Policy

IOM will help Haiti to develop a national migration policy by mobilizing national and international experts and providing programmatic and financial support to government institutions.


Haiti and Dominican Republic Hold Bi-National Workshop to Fight Tuberculosis

IOM this week supported the Haitian Ministry of Health and the National Anti-Tuberculosis Program by organizing and facilitating the second bi-national workshop on tuberculosis (TB).


Four and a half years after devastating quake, 92 per cent of displaced population has left camps in Haiti

Four and a half years after the earthquake that struck Haiti on the 12th January 2010, an estimated 103,565 internally displaced persons (IDPs), or 28,134 households, remain in 172 camps scattered throughout metropolitan Port-au-Prince and the Palms regions, in the West department.

IOM Opens New Housing for Haiti Earthquake Victims

IOM last week inaugurated 45 houses in Carrefour-Feuilles, a poor neighbourhood in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince heavily affected by the 2010 earthquake.


Haiti Moves Towards Adoption of Counter-Trafficking Law

Haiti - An anti-trafficking bill that IOM Haiti helped to draft has been approved by both Chambers of the Haitian Parliament, marking a milestone in the fight against human trafficking, a crime that affects thousands of people in the country, especially minors.

Response Toolkit Will Help Haiti Cope with Future Disasters

A compilation of four years of lessons learned and best practices in emergency shelter response entitled: Disaster Response: Emergency Shelter, Housing and Sites. A Toolkit of Lessons Learned, Experiences and Practices, has been published in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.


IOM opens four treatment centers for acute diarrhea in Haiti

IOM Haiti yesterday inaugurated four Treatment Centers for Acute Diarrhea (CTAD) in the Artibonite department, a rural region north of Haiti’s capital that was the epicenter of Haiti’s first cholera outbreak in 2010.

IOM-Brookings report on durable solutions to displacement in Haiti

Haiti - The results of a study produced by IOM and the Brookings Institution entitled: “Supporting durable solutions to urban, post-disaster displacement: Challenges and opportunities in Haiti” are being presented today at IOM’s Headquarters in Geneva.