IOM Opens New Housing for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Haiti - IOM last week inaugurated  45 houses in Carrefour-Feuilles, a poor neighbourhood in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince heavily affected by the 2010 earthquake.

Funds for the project were provided by the Government of Haiti’s Bureau of Monetization of Development Aid Programs (BMPAD) and an NGO, Community Chest of Korea (CCK), in the scope of a project aimed at rebuilding earthquake-affected communities.

In addition to the housing component, IOM carried out extensive community infrastructure rehabilitation, including drainage, footpaths, stairs, roads, public spaces and street solar lighting, to improve public hygiene and the safety of the community.  

Following land tenure validation by national authorities, residents of the target area who had their houses destroyed by the earthquake each received a two-storey house built on their land by IOM at no cost.

As a condition they had to accept to host free of charge for two years an internally displaced family identified by IOM as among the most vulnerable victims of the earthquake.  

Marie Ange, a widow with five children who spent four years in a camp for internally displaced persons, is one of the beneficiaries who chose to be relocated into one of the newly built apartments.

This housing solution will allow her not only to live in a safe and dignified environment, but also to focus her resources on the education of her children and to start a small business to be able to provide for her family.

Haiti’s hurricane season began this month and some 30,000 households remain in Haiti’s camps in need of durable solutions.

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