Encourage the empowerment of migrants women

Providing 700 migrants and migrants of Haitian origin, returning from the Dominican Republic, the ability to carry out income-generating activities to promote their sustainable reintegration in Haiti, is one of the objectives of the project "Assistance to children and women vulnerable in border areas in Haiti. The priority target of this activity are Women.

With the increased knowledge and new tools to manage well their small businesses, coached by our partner CAPAC, they reestablished with more professionalism and self-confidence.
Those past few weeks, from Cap Haitien to Anse-à-Pîtres, through Ouanaminthe, Belladere, Port-au-Prince and Cornillon Grand Bois, migrants men and women trained in the management of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) have received their starter kit that will allow them to open up to empowerment.

Each kit contains : rice, peas, sugar, corn, flour, oil , herring, chicken broth, milk, butter, spaghetti, tomato paste, and garlic.

A total of 700 adults will benefit from this vocational training and support for the creation of small businesses through income-generating micro projects. To date, 195 men and 387 women have already received this training. Stay tuned to follow their journey and hear their testimony!
These activities are put in place thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada and the field work of our partner CAPAC.