Canada funds sustainable relocation for 16,000 displaced Haitian families

New funding from Canada allows IOM to assist in the voluntary return and relocation of approximately 16,000 internally displaced (IDP) households.

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Another Haitian Family Looks Forward to a New Life with Support from IOM and DFID

Fanfan Woody, 35, married and father of six girls aged 4 to 17, tells us how life changed for them since his family was relocated through the rental subsidy program.

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Five Years After 2010 Earthquake, Thousands of Haitians Remain Displaced

On the evening of the fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed an estimated 217,000 persons, IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) reports that although 94 per cent of the internally displaced have left camps and other temporary sites, almost 80,000 Haitians remain displaced.


A Husband and Two Failed Sea Voyages Later


Betty is a 28-year-old widow and a mother of two from Tortuga Island, whose husband died in 2011 on one of these attempted journeys to these coveted shores. She never found out what happened to him. All she knows is that the small rickety boat on which he was travelling never reached its destination, and probably sank somewhere in the sea.

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