IOM Hosts Migration Policy Workshop in Haiti

IOM hosted a three-day thematic workshop in Montrouis, Haiti to facilitate the development of a national migration policy..

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IOM Builds Housing Units in Earthquake-Affected

Neighborhood in Haiti

IOM has completed the construction of 72 housing units in a vulnerable neighborhood in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince heavily affected by the 2010 earthquake.

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More Than Five Years After 2010 Earthquake, Thousands of Haitians Remain Displaced

More than five years after the devastating earthquake of January 12th 2010, an estimated 64,680 IDP individuals or 16,230 IDP households remain in 66 IDP sites and camp-like settlements in Haiti. 


A Husband and Two Failed Sea Voyages Later


Betty is a 28-year-old widow and a mother of two from Tortuga Island, whose husband died in 2011 on one of these attempted journeys to these coveted shores. She never found out what happened to him. All she knows is that the small rickety boat on which he was travelling never reached its destination, and probably sank somewhere in the sea.

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