Canada funds sustainable relocation for 16,000 displaced Haitian families

New funding from Canada allows IOM to assist in the voluntary return and relocation of approximately 16,000 internally displaced (IDP) households.

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Another Haitian Family Looks Forward to a New Life with Support from IOM and DFID

Fanfan Woody, 35, married and father of six girls aged 4 to 17, tells us how life changed for them since his family was relocated through the rental subsidy program.

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Four and a half years after devastating quake, 92 per cent of displaced population has left camps in Haiti

Four years after the earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, an estimated 103,565 internally displaced persons (IDPs), or 28,134 households, remain in 172 camps.


World Day Against Child Labour


“I saved the life of a three-year-old boy. Everyone was desperate because he had lost consciousness; even his parents had started losing hope. He was so dehydrated that we couldn’t find a vein to give him IV treatment.” 

Read Yvelyne's account of her work as Nurse Assistant for our cholera response team. 

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